Terms and Conditions for Registering Agents:

All persons registering as an Agent on this website or who are submitting an offer to purchase property through the use of this website must read and agree to the terms and conditions as set forth herein.

Each Agent registering with, is required to adhere to the following terms and conditions. If these terms and conditions are not adhered to,, in its sole and absolute discretion, may forthwith revoke the privileges of any Agent or entity without notice.

Woodward Asset Capital, LLC, a Michigan limited liability company with principal offices at 29623 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, Michigan 48034 and/or any of its employees, agents, representatives, successors, affiliates, subsidiaries or assigns and the owner and operator of

The owner of any real property available to purchase on

An Agent on this website is defined as a licensed real estate salesperson or broker acting on behalf of a Buyer or Seller, actively licensed and in good standing in the state in which the property is located.

Processing Fee:
The Processing Fee (Fee) is a fee above and beyond the offered purchase price for the Property. The Fee is earned by the Company when the Submitted Offer is accepted by the Seller (when an offer is “accepted”). The Fee is payable to the Company at the time of closing or disbursement.

Any person(s) or entity(ies), including the Agent him/herself, who the Agent has a relationship with and for whom they have the authority to act on behalf of that is submitting an offer to purchase real property through

An Agent submitting an offer to purchase property that appears on affirmatively states:

  1. I am a licensed salesperson or broker in the State for which the Property that I am acting as an Agent in regards to is located.
  2. I acknowledge that I shall act with honesty and integrity while on this website (“site”); otherwise my user privileges shall be revoked.
  3. I shall review and adhere to the Terms of Sale for each individual property available on the site.
  4. I acknowledge that may suspend or revoke my account and or access to the site and seek legal remedies if the site's staff suspects that I have committed or engaged in any fraudulent activities relating to transactions on the site.
    Any Agent making fraudulent bids, at Company’s sole discretion, shall be banned from the site indefinitely without any recourse from the Agent, their client or any related party to Agent.
  5. I acknowledge that any Buyer who successfully purchases a Bank Owned (REO) property effectuated through the use of this site shall be required to pay a Processing Fee as indicated on the Submission of Offer contained in this website.  There is no fee due for short sales approved via
  6. I acknowledge that I will be responsible for maintaining complete and accurate information about myself, my clients and any offers to purchase property through this site and if it is determined that any information provided by me is inaccurate or incomplete,
    the Company has the unilateral right to terminate my registration with the site and terminate any pending offers that have been submitted by me.
  7. I acknowledge that I will maintain control over any Offers I Submit to purchase on and shall maintain proper Agent / client relations and agreements.
  8. I fully understand and agree that placing an offer to purchase on any property that appears on constitutes a binding offer to purchase real estate and fully satisfies any statute of frauds requirements.
  9. I further understand that by making an offer through that any such offer can only be withdrawn through
  10. I understand that if an offer submitted through is accepted by the Seller that an earnest money deposit is required to be paid.
  11. I confirm and attest that by making an offer through that I have the authority to make said offer on behalf of Buyer and to bind the Buyer to that offer and any contract to the purchase of the involved real estate.
  12. I affirm and attest that any and all information I provide and submit on this site is true and accurate to the best of my information, knowledge and belief.
  13. The acceptance of these terms and conditions and the performance of the Transactions provided for in them, do not conflict with or result in the breach of any of the terms, conditions or provisions of, or constitute a default under any indenture, bank loan, credit agreement or other instrument to which Agent or Buyer is a party or by which its property may be bound or affected.
  14. I agree to be bound by all other terms and conditions as indicated on this site.
  15. I understand that time is of the essence and I will not delay, forestall or do anything that may hinder a transaction from occurring as it relates to any offer to purchase property that I make through this site and will act as expeditiously as possible to
    complete the purchase of any property for which I submitted an offer that was accepted through
  16. I agree to hold the Company harmless and shall defend or reimburse the Company any expense it incurs in defending itself as a result of any information provided to the Company by me or for any action taken against the Company which is the result
    of any offer submitted by me on